The Larger than Life & Times of David 'Devo' Walden. BUY NOW.

As everyone in the advertising and marketing industry is only too aware, Devo sadly passed away last month. He will be sorely missed by those who knew and loved him, but his reputation will live on.

A rebel, a raconteur, and brilliant (M)ADMAN, his exploits, tales of daring and showmanship - not to mention his famous 'Devo-isms' deserve to live on, and now they can.

DEVO - THE LARGER THAN LIFE & TIMES OF DAVID 'DEVO' WALDEN is 123 pages of Devo's finest moments - and a few of the others. It's the inside word on some of the biggest ad campaigns of the last twenty years, as remembered (or not) by the most influential people in the industry.

Christmas is coming, this is a perfect gift for anyone interested in the NZ Ad industry. Simply click on the image, or this link to get your hands on a copy for just $45.

And all funds raised will go to Mercy Hospice Auckland.


Au Revoir Devo.

Image by Tracey Fox

Image by Tracey Fox


It is with great sadness and a feeling of immense loss, that we announce that David Walden (Devo) passed away on the morning of Saturday, 3rd October 2015.

Not only was he our Chairman, he was our friend, mentor, and extremely wise counsel.

Always larger than life, passionate and caring, the world will be emptier without him.

Our thoughts are with Annie, Joanna and Michael. 

“Whip it good”, we will miss you Devo.


Tom, Lee, Nicky.



Behavioural Economics is definitely the new black

The Marketing Science Ideas Xchange (MSiX) was the inaugural event of its type in Australia dedicated to the interface between behavioural science and marketing. It focused on why behavioural sciences in general, and behavioural economics in particular, are making such strong headways into advertising

At this stage, there are relatively few within the advertising industry who are seriously applying Behavioural Economics (BE) to their thinking, strategy and planning, however last week's MSiX conference in Sydney may be the turning point for Australasia............

Advance, New Zealand Fair?

We’ve been working on projects on both sides of the Tasman recently, and it's reinforced the similarities and differences between New Zealand and Australia, and what the implications are for marketing communications.

The reality is, that while Australia and NZ appear very similar on the surface, there are subtle differences between the two nations in psyche and national traits. Subtle but significant...........

Mind The Gap.

The last few months have been something of an awakening for us as we started to build the family.

We had a belief that there needed to be a better way to create a business, and through our desk research and many long conversations with friends, ex-clients, other agency folk, and key influencers, we have made a start.

Now, I don’t know whether we are just more aware of things occurring around us because we are attuned to them, but it seems that everywhere we look now, there is a very real ‘movement’ emerging - and unlike many movements, this isn’t some kind of sub-culture, it’s growing, and fast becoming mainstream............

A Leadership Lesson in Three Minutes.

A colleague of ours in Sydney recently sent us a link to a 3 minute lesson in leadership.

Although the clip has been around since 2010, he said that he sent it to demonstrate some key principles, not just about leadership, but also about ‘Herd’ instincts, as he knows it’s something we’re fond of. 

That’s all good, but we know better. What he was really trying to do, was tell us that the family are the equivalent of the ‘Lone Nut’ in the video clip............ 

2014 FIFA World Cup. The Beautiful Game, and Attention Economics

Although our dreams for England look like being dashed upon the rocks yet again, it  would be wrong to write a blog post in mid June 2014 that didn't find a way to make mention of the FIFA World Cup.

But, first, let's talk about Attention Economics...........

Eating Media Lunch

The Main Course.

Over the last few months, the big media agencies are increasingly under the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons............

‘Millennials’ - let’s put a label on them.

It’s compelling to do, and it certainly makes our marketing world easier and neater, but does it provide real insights, or is our desire to ‘label' simplify driven by our need to put people into tidy little categories?

A case in point- the ‘Millennials', who are they really?...........

Stamping out 'Bingo-words' - a case for plain language.

A couple of weeks ago, we were running a two-day planning workshop with a major client. The CMO of this global organisation was patient, smart, engaged, and refreshingly open-minded.

However, he had a massive bee in his bonnet about the business community in general, and marketing communications people in particular, using, what he calls, “Bingo Words’............

Purposeful Brands: A very persuasive infographic.

As part of our journey to build the family, we've had lots of conversations with client-side organisations talking about  'Brands with purpose', 'Meaningful brands', and CSR - especially overseas companies.

This link is to a terrific infographic that captures some hard facts about why it is so crucial for companies / brands to stand for something, and then let it be known........

*Most Scientists hate Ad Industry Types

There, hopefully that got your attention.

I was recently working on a government project with some esteemed scientists and academics, and it struck me how different our world-views are. However, this isn’t to be a lengthy discourse about Scientists Vs Ad Agencies, instead, what triggered this post is a very real issue, and an ever-growing headache for scientists and science communicators.

The issue:  ‘Bad Science’ (Pseudo-Science) masquerading as ‘Good Science’, and the way it’s being disseminated across the Internet........

Generation 'Like'

This documentary first screened in the US in Feb 2014 and is a fascinating look at the world where Likes, Tweets, Follows, Shares, and online endorsements have become social currency.

Says Douglas Rushkoff , “You are what you like", and this documentary goes on to show that the social media generation's obsession with celebrity, cultivating 'likes', and always-on social technology platforms delivers a potent cocktail, one that is both insidious and addictive.........


We are delighted to be able to announce that David Walden has agreed to join the family.

If we're the family, then Devo, as Chairman, is most definitely The Godfather.

Having got that out of the way, hopefully there won't be any more dark and sinister connotations about the family - Yeah Right.

A horse's head in bed anyone? Read more about it on Stop Press